In Massachusetts, the appropriate levels of child support set in a divorce decree or as part of a separate action may be determined by mutual agreement of the parties or by the order of the judge.

Our state's probate and family courts generally follow statutory guidelines when setting levels of child support. These calculations are based on the relative income of the parents, the identified needs of the child and other commonsense considerations. However, the court can deviate from the formula if it is in the best interests of the child.

Personal Attention and Advocacy in Child Support Disputes
We can help you determine the amount of child support a court is likely to award. Our proven record of success in helping clients resolve child support disputes dates back to our founding in 1979.

We take a comprehensive and creative approach to settling disputes over the appropriate level of child support payments in divorce. Our goal is to help our clients minimize the financial chaos, support inequity and unnecessary legal expense that sometimes results without the help of an experienced and respected attorney with a straightforward and dignified approach to these matters.

Modifications to Child Support in Middlesex County and Throughout Massachusetts
Circumstances change over time and your child support order may need to be updated to reflect your current situation. You can seek a modification at any time if an inconsistency exists between the current support order and the order that would result under current child support guidelines. This is due to changes in the child support laws that took effect in August 2013.

We remain on top of changes to the law, which enables us to represent clients who are entitled to modification of existing support orders, as well as new orders that are just being calculated now.

We can also help you enforce an existing order or seek a modification of child support if changing circumstances make the current arrangement unworkable. The accomplished divorce and family law team at our firm has the experience and proven skill to help you resolve any contentious support matter through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or, if necessary, trial litigation.